Confira, na íntegra, a Entrevista do CEO da FieldView - Fred Dirla, à DCD Brasil (em inglês)

1. The market today knows fully what is DCIM and what it can offer? Why?
There is an increased awareness about DCIM solutions, most probably because trade publications and industry analysts are reporting on the solution more -- however, I would caution from being entangled in the “DCIM hype.”
It goes without saying that across the globe we are witnessing an unprecedented need to effectively manage the infrastructure required to deliver an ever-growing data mass that has become a way of life for populations worldwide. Additionally, many data center managers are realizing that they can no longer function with outdated, manual methods of extracting static, operational information and power consumption details from numerous software silos. It is not only an inefficient means to manage mission critical facilities, it’s neither cost nor energy efficient.
Some of the initial DCIM hype has subsided, but industry analysts and vendors keep pushing the envelope by claiming offerings of a holistically-managed, autonomically-controlled, data center that blends every piece of Facilities infrastructure, IT equipment, and the software running on this equipment into one harmonious, utopian entity, with very low power consumption, little downtime and requirement for human operators.
But this is not yet achievable – however, vendors like FieldView Solutions are focused on various fundamental aspects of DCIM and achieving market leadership.

2. Mr. Jayme Cosceli Filho (TCSolutions) and Mr. Fred Dirla (Fieldview) 2. What about the process? It's done by modules or all at once?
A modular approach is safe and more likely to succeed than attempting a “grand vision” all at once. The first step is the most basic one: start by monitoring the power and temperature. All other DCIM and Data Center Management tools require this data.
FieldView DCIM can be deployed quickly and without any special appliances. Our data acquisition is from standard current transformers, temperature sensors and digital and analog meters, as well as other systems such as BMSes, UPSes and EPMSes. FieldView gathers the data and sends it directly to the application for processing, logging, interpretation, and distribution.

3. Which modules or functions are the most requested by customers?
DCIM Monitoring is the first function to be implemented, followed by IT Asset Management.

4. Which sectors are most interested?
The fastest growing segments today are colocation, or Multi-Tenant Data Center, (MTDC) facilities and Cloud Computing providers.
Mission critical facilities such as financial, healthcare, government, technology/internet and telecommunications sector also stand at the top of DCIM users. They need DCIM’s functionality to optomize operations while achieving great energy efficiency and savings which is fundamental to the growing datacenter footprints.

5. Colocation companies are among the most concerned because they allow to measure energy expenditure per customer. Do you have requests for these kind of businesses? What do you ask them?
FieldView Solutions is the first DCIM vendor with Co-Lo functionality since 2009. Colocation companies specifically need to be energy efficient, while protecting the integrity of each of their customers’ SLAs. Our Colo customers utilize our solution’s massive scalability to handle expansions as well as gain more sellable space because they have real-time data about their facility and can sell stranded physical capacity and stranded power, to increase their revenues. They also benefit from power savings, granular monitoring, space reservation and system alerts. More importantly with FieldView DCIM, MTDCs have proof of SLA compliance, and can provide each tenant individual access to information they need using secure portals that don’t compromise the security of other tenants. They can separate zones and cages by tenant, track individual usage for more accurate billing, and conduct long-term forecasting to determine their power consumption and trending which offers increased savings with budget allocation and rebilling.

entrevista-ceo-fieldview-fred-dirla6. How Fieldview software integrates all IT section?
FieldView has the ability to access and to integrate data across all platforms and to provide capacity planning for both IT and facilities. We:
Aggregate disparate facilities and IT systems in “extreme scale”
Supply real-time data and reports to Facilities, IT, IT Ops and C-level executives
Help optimize energy, space, cooling and IT Operations
Integrate with any BMS, EPMS, IT Service Management, trouble ticketing or other tools

7. What Fieldview has that other DCIM solutions doesn't have?
FieldView DCIM’s core differentiators are:
We are the first DCIM vendor with Co-Lo functionality (since 2009)
Vendor and hardware agnostic (We work with all industry protocols and all manufacturers.)
Easy and quick to install and use;
No appliances, no “client” software;
Capability to handle the largest environments worldwide;
6 of 10 top banks, 3 of 5 top IT/Internet firms, 12 of 25 top Co-Los;
1-100 Megawatts+, 10K-1 million square feet+.
15,000 points is just a pilot “Proof Of Concept” to us.
We can handle up to 38 million points.
A “packaged software” offering that is:
“Pre-integrated” with 50+ protocols and vendors.
Requires minimal services (typically 20%).
Time to deploy is usually days or weeks, not months or years.

8. How Fieldview sees the Brazilian data center market? How far we are to the maturity?
We see tremendous growth in South America with the continued new data center construction and expansion. To date, DCIM adoption has lagged behind that in the US and the UK, but we have noticed very strong interest over the past year.
Last year the 451Research group published a report examining the overall size, scope and growth of the MTDC market in Brazil and concluded that it’s a market “poised for rapid growth.”
TechNavio's analysts’ recent forecast of Brazil’s Data Center market puts the growth of the sector at a CAGR of 14.08 percent over the period 2013-2018. The report indicates the increasing government support for IT initiatives as one of the key factors contributing to this market growth -- and at FieldView Solutions we definitely see this.
The report also attributes the growth of the Data Center market in Brazil to the adoption of cloud computing services, but at the same time underscores the need for data center management expertise which could pose a challenge to this growth. This underscores the dire need for a solution like FieldView DCIM in this market and reinforces our market standing in the world’s eighth largest market.

9. Brazilian companies are still shy, with respect to the DCIM market?
We believe that adoption rates of DCIM in Brazil, more so than other Latin American markets, are poised to increase rapidly.

10. What these companies want more?
They want to manage their rapidly growing data centers, save money, increase reliability, and deal with the high cost and limited availablity of power.

11. It is harder to deploy DCIM in data centers that are already working?
Not at all - FieldView DCIM can be easily retrofitted into an existing data center, with zero down time and zero risk. Using modern wireless sensors, installation costs are low. Because FieldView is non-proprietary and vendor-neutral, retrofitting is achieved successfully and in fact we've already deployed hundreds of panels and thousands of circuits of legacy equipment, so it's a proven approach. FieldView works with existing systems regardless of manufacturer or communications protocols – and integrates seamlessly no matter what language the existing equipment is speaking.

12. Speaking over the next 10 years, what will the future of DCIM?
DCIM is fast becoming a “must have” for data center management and we expect that it will become as fundamental as racks, UPSes and cooling units.

13. What are the growth prospects in South America through an exclusive partnership with TCSolutions?
Our partnership with TCSolutions is an integral part of our strategy for Central and South America. Our offerings for mission-critical environments are fully supported by our partnership with TCSolutions as the reseller of our award-winning DCIM offering throughout the Central/South American markets.

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